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Pictures from various trips around the world. US, NZ, AU, and others. Enjoy the travelogues!

Hi. Welcome to the Australian travelogue page.

Here you'll find short guides to various places that I've visited in Australia. I'm always adding entries every now and then. Some take longer than others to do but they get done eventually!

I've also got access to two 'around Australia' photo and video collections that one day I hope to add to the site. So, please bookmark the site and visit monthly!

The following travelogues are now online.

Australian Reptile Park
Pat a Koala, feed a kangaroo, not just lizards, snakes and spiders! Visit and see a platypus. Travelogue featuring lots of pictures.

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tour
See why Australia is world famous for its wines. If you're visiting Sydney, this is a must-do tour. How are wine tastings conducted in NSW? Find out more here.

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Have fun!



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