Prague - Czech Republic 29th November

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Got to Prague. Dumped our bags at the travellers hostel then we were taken further around the building to a quiet, dark courtyard, then up several levels of steps to a room with metal beds like in M.A.S.H.

In the room were Adam, Gareth, Andrea myself and a girl we met later called Rachael. 

Gareth, Andrea and I went to Terminal Bar - downstairs - which was boring. Lots of gorgeous Czech girls with their handsome boyfriends. Watched as a barman poured alcohol on to the bar, poured absinthe into a couple of shot glasses, then lit the lot. Flames erupted for a few seconds before the alcohol was burnt. 

Drank some more beer and then we headed back to the hostel bar and chatted with Matt and Adam. Got back at close to 3:00am. The others followed soon after.

Next morning I went to have breakfast and met up with Emma and Maria from Sweden. Emma is going to be an au pair and Maria is still considering her career options. They're both working in a volunteer service group which has sent them to spend a few weeks restoring a castle. Maria has a boyfriend in Sweden and one in Germany who's from Spain!

 We went for a walk to the castle then had lunch in a restaurant (me paying, of course). Found out that Sweden has a reputation and it's because the women are more likely to ask you out in pubs and clubs rather than waiting for the guy to get up the courageous to do it.

The restaurant meal came to 895kc plus tip, so 1000 crowns. And the moment the plates were finished they were removed and the moment you paid the bill they said 'bye'. Wanting to get you to leave.

Couldn't find a toilet that worked, nor one that could be easily found in supermarkets. Headed back to the hostel. Wrote some postcards (bought stamps at the Castle) then couldn't find a post box!

(On the tour, past some Roman ruins in Vienna, we noticed a Sigmund Freud exhibition and Gareth said that Sigmund used to walk around in these little cocktail dresses that became known as a Freudian slip - Boom Boom!)

 I met Rachael in the room along Gareth, Andrea and we headed down to Terminal Bar to meet the other newbies. I'd chatted to Rachael on the way telling her about some chat up lines I'd heard and getting a laugh. Andrea said 'what are you saying' so I said 'Oh, just pick up lines!' 'Ah' she said knowingly. Racheal is 21 and the same height as me but looking very young. She's visiting her previous host family, then going back to Geelong in Melbourne in January. She wants to be a teacher.

After the drink we headed out for a short walking tour around and down several complicated and confusing stone avenues and stairs before going to an underground restaurant. Asian chicken and vegetables plus a drink for about 200kc. Then I went back to Terminal Bar to meet up with Maria and Emma who I'd organised to meet at 11:00. I got there at 11:15 and they weren't too happy. We chatted a bit until the rest of the tour turned up then Absinthe was the go. Gareth showed us that we burn sugar dipped in absinthe then mix it in the drink and down it in one go. 60% Alcohol apparently. Burns the back of your throat. Then we headed back to the hostel bar and Oliver forced it to open again.

There were two girls from Tasmania there, quite cute, and it was time for more chatting. Then the rest went to a night club, the Swedish girls went home and that left me with Rachael. We had a great conversation and chatted with some Irish people there then headed back to our separate bunks around 3:00am.

(Note to self. I've had two beers, absinthe, peppermint liqueur, two more beers, tequila and another beer, and I still don't have the guts to ask someone back to my bed. Must be my conservative upbringing. Must go to Sweden!)

Said goodbye to Maria, Emma, Rachael and everyone else, then it was on to a train to Berlin. 4000kc was how much Berlin to Copenhagen would cost and as I'd already spent $20,000 on this 5 month trip so I decided that I couldn't do it. Maybe in ten years time I'll go to Scandinavia, but not this time.

(I haven't had time to get the pictures I took scanned, so, in the meantime, the pictures here are Czech clip art from Xoom.)

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