Paris - France 11th November

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Met the crew that I'll be travelling to Paris with. Julia is the guide and has only done the tour two and a half times before. I'd say you'd have to be pretty bored if you did it too much. But I wouldn't mind doing that!

We got on the train, then on a bus to the white cliffs of Dover. Then onto another bus which took us through immigration, then off that bus, through the X-ray machine and back on it again.

Then onto the ferry which had some great views. I bought a double scotch, and some chicken nuggets in sweet and sour sauce.

The guy at the coffee shop kindly gave me a mug of hot water so that I could have some peppermint tea. (Peppermint tea is for relieving the nausea you can sometimes get taking this ferry)

When we got off the ferry we got another bus to a train station, then changed to another train and eventually made it to Woodstock Hostel.

I was in room 318 with a few girls and a guy from the tour. Up a short staircase, past the push button shower. (Push it twice every 15 seconds to keep it running.)

Dumped our stuff then went out to the Eiffel Tower. I rushed off to line up while the rest worked out what they wanted to do. The Eiffel Tower was brilliantly lit and had 20 minute queues in the cold wind, waiting for entry. There was a bright LCD sign up giving prices for levels in French, English and Spanish. I chose to go to the top which was 60FF (About $15.00)

Before I got in, Megan & Bronwyn from the tour joined me. So we went up to the top.

First we got into a lift that inclined for a short way (up one of the Tower legs) then stopped at stage 1, then continued upwards to stage 2. There were windows all around and we could see, through the stantions and pillars, the city shrinking to be tiny lights below.
We changed lifts at level two and continued to the Sommet at high speed. We were able to look up and see the top of the tower rushing towards us.

We got off at stage 3 in an enclosed area with maps of the city. (Some of the maps needed updating)

(I haven't had time to get the pictures I took scanned, so, in the meantime, the pictures here are French clip art from Xoom.)

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