Italy 18th November Pisa and Rome

The Leaning  Tower of Pisa and Rome
Did some shopping then went to Pisa. All tourists are noticeably out of place in Pisa, mainly because everyone, young and old, wore the latest designer label clothing. It's like models (male and female) have been hired to walk the streets. I rang home (after much searching for a phone. Signs for phones usually indicate that its at the back of a noisy cafe and hopefully you'll buy something on your way out) and it cost about 1000Lira for 30 seconds. 100L to connect then money counted down very quickly. Had to ring back and I put 1300L in. 
The phone was situated where I could see the leaning bell tower of Pisa while calling. Couldn't get hold of others though. It's fun to ring people at home and say "Oh hi, I'm just calling from the Leaning Tower of Pisa"

On the way back the group was accosted with 5 kids, some holding their hands out, some with cardboard disguising their thieving fingers that attempt to go through people's pockets and money belts. Thankfully we escaped them.

We headed into a park area and stopped to eat for awhile before heading back to the train and the 4 hour trip to Rome.

Slept much on the train. Still recovering from all the cheese during the train wine party!


Long walk to the hostel. Down a side street and in through a concealed door. The group was accosted by another woman, and her daughter, with cardboard.

We got to the hostel - 30,000L per night. So 60,000L late we left our stuff in the 10 bunk room and headed out on the walking tour.

Julia took us past several statues, the colloseum, huge roman structures and showed us the four maps of the Roman Empire. Controlled by Julius Ceasar, the Roman Empire ruled the known world apart from small smatterings of resistance in Ireland and Scotland.

It was interesting to see the map and see exactly how much control the Romans had.

The Empire collapsed around 300 AD because it got so big it was hard to administer. Fascinating stuff. If the Romans had had the kind of technology that we have today, they would still be ruling the world.

The walk was divided so that we could stop at a pizza and pasta place, which is where I ordered a sausage, mushroom and past dish as well as a bruscetta which was covered in cheese. (The mushroom dish, with shavings of sausage, had cheese sauce) As I knew I wasn't going to feel well the next day anyway I joined in when everyone went for Gelatia (Ice Cream) and got the straweberry and the chocolate nut flavours.

The meal cost about 10,000L plus 6000 for wine plus 1000 for water plus 5000 for buscotta. Then the Gelati was 2000 each for the small cups I chose. Others chose the cones for 4000. 

Be warned about different types of foods. Cokes at stalls close to the Colloseum cost 14,000 (About $AU14) There were places everywhere like that.

After more walking we headed back to the hostel and went to bed around 11.00.

Everything, except the toilets, closed at 11:00pm so it's wise to get back before then. The next day... more of Rome.

(I haven't had time to get the pictures I took scanned, so, in the meantime, the pictures here are Italy clip art from Xoom.)

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