Amsterdam 12th December Holland The Netherlands

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The following passages explore Amsterdam in Holland The Netherlands
as well as my embarrassing experience with foreign substances!
The train finally arrived in Amsterdam for the last leg of the trip. Short walking tour then on to Bulldog hostel. Horrible place but the food vending machines sell some interesting chewing gum, biscuits and cakes.

We got set up and then went to a coffee shop. Gareth paid 25.00G deposit for the bong while Oliver had a muffin and I ordered Space Tea for 5.00G and Space Banana Cake for 7.50G

I also took a lung full of the bong. Not realising that it takes awhile I had all 3 within 10 minutes.

Nothing was happening to me. Then the rest of the group arrived. Lou had a problem with the guy at the counter charging him too much for a drink so Gareth and Adam went to help. That's about when the effects began to happen.

Not realising that there actually was enough stuff in the space tea, space cake and the strong stuff that Gareth got, I didn't believe it would affect me that strongly. As it was, I suddenly came over faint. Rather than fall off my stool I went and sat next to a floor seat. Andrea asked me if I was okay. I said "I'm just going to faint. I'll catch you guys later" Then I passed out almost instantly.

"Oh, we've lost one" said someone. I then, kind of, saw people rushing to help me and heard someone say. Okay, we're going outside. Everyone decided to leave at that point.

I felt myself being picked up and walked out of the bar.

Fresh air hit me and the light of the day helped me wake up. I was helped to the fence on the bridge overlooking the canal and left to stand still.

Next thing I knew I had three arms. For some reason I couldn't remove the 3rd arm that was holding my side. Then my two regular arms were restrained at the shoulders. I started to resist and then realised that this is probably what's known as a bad trip, if I made it that. I made a conscious effort to relax. Then I realised that it's illogical for me to have three arms and being restrained so I woke up for the second time. Found both Neil and Adam were holding me up and walking me down the street. The group had left with Owen and I could tell that they had plans to send me back to the hostel so I made sure I was alert and awake before saying. "Thanks guys, I can stand now." "Are you sure?" "Yep, really sure. Apart from having a white face I'm fine"
(Andrea had said that I'd gone all white and I could feel that I had)

So, Gareth was a bit worried, others were shocked, and a few decided that they wouldn't try the stuff afterall!

After that (with Gareth telling me I should go and find somewhere to eat) we headed to another bar. I dashed down and got some rice, ate it, then joined them with a G12.50 whiskey and coke.

When relating the full story to the people who saw me faint (Only Oliver had known what I had had) I said that "I have a large lung capacity and can hold my breath for over a minute so taking a lung full, which sent me into a coughing fit, and on top of an empty stomach, was probably not a good idea!

Anyway, after that we headed back to the hostel. Oliver wanted to go out again so we headed out and did some window shopping. Going up and down the streets, first spotting a gorgeous girl with short black hair that really took Oliver's attention, then going through all the streets until we came across her again.

Oliver suggested to meet him back here at 8:45. That gave me a chance to have a look around. Sudden munchy craving meant chicken wings at KFC.

I got completely lost but still managed to get back by 8:46. Oliver had stopped into the pub nearby and called out to me to say that he timed it well! I believe he'd been asked to keep an eye on me which I appreciated. 

Amersterdam is a very beautiful city in many ways. Because prostitution is legal here, there are many windows throughout parts of Amsterdam that feature women just standing there, pinkly lit, waiting for people to knock on the door and ask the price. Usually the cost is 100G as there is so much competition you wouldn't want to increase it too much. The girls are usually fit, clean and attractive and, after about 6 hours, change shifts! I walked down all 6 streets of about 500 women on display and by the time I'd got to the end and started back there was a new lot of 500 replacing them. If you had enough money you'd be in heaven. 

Unfortunately I couldn't afford it!

We met up with Adam and went for another walk. This time more windows were lit, more girls were out and I actually saw one I probably would've been tempted to spend the money on!

After getting back to the hostel I laid down on the dingy bed with the intention of sleeping for a couple of hours...and woke up at 6:00am!!! So much for enjoying Amsterdam.

(I haven't had time to get the pictures I took scanned, so, in the meantime, the pictures here are Holland clip art from Xoom.)

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