Akihabara Electric City, Tokyo Japan


A quick trip through Akihabara then on to Shimakitazawa
Up early, thought the lights were on but it turned out that the sun rises in front of our window on the 18th floor. Impressive. had my shower which was a bit annoying as it was restricted to between 6:30am and 8:30am and the taps only lasted 15 seconds before I had to push them down again to get more water.

Headed out from Iidabashi with the intention of going to Tokyo Tower. Contrary to logic Tokyo Tower is no where near Tokyo station. Instead, its nearer to Roppongi so I saw the outside of the Emperor's Palace instead.

Then I went to Akihabara and briefly looked at some of the electronics available in Electric City.

Akihabara is an interesting place in that it features streets and streets of shops selling electric goods. How these shops actually make any money when they're all selling similar items surprises me but the amount of people on the street seems to take care of that.

Also thought I'd check out a cosplay maid cafe. I found a few but they were closed so I got on the train and went to Shimakitazawa. My feet were hurting again and so I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere much tomorrow, otherwise I wouldn't be able to travel on Wednesday.

After Alan finished he searched and found me in a place called Kamera Bar & Cafe. Just opened 3 weeks ago and is already pretty successful on weekends. I loved the place and highly recommend it. Had two imported Thai beers and a Thai curry while listening to a blues singer DVD. A mellowing out area, not far from Starbucks.

Those of you who know me in Sydney would be surprised to see me in a T-shirt in Japan. Even more surprised to see that I'm not wearing a jacket or jumper. It is summer at the moment and warm and humid. But the shopping centers and other places have the temperature set perfectly. So no need to carry around jumpers for several hours in a cold cafe. And on the odd days that it rained a bit, I soon dried off in a nearby shop.

I've been here two weeks and I've been very healthy. No colds, no headaches. I'm pretty sure it is due to the healthy food I've been eating. Any problems I've had have been self inflicted, like wearing bad shoes, and while the heat has been strong, the sun hasn't been as harsh as in Sydney. So, no need for sun cream.

One reaction I did get, though, was the industrial strength soap available in most bathrooms and hostels. Within about 3 uses the skin of my hands started peeling off. I recognised the cause straight away and started using my own soap. If you have sensitive hands like mine, take hand soap and hand cream with you and use that instead of the public soap. Japanese are very clean people and this can mean that cleaning agents are a lot stronger than most people are used to. Be careful of the sort of soap you buy too, due to this reason.

After meeting with Alan I took the line back to Shibuya then the Hanzomon Line to Nagatacho then the Yurakucho Line to Iidabashi. I collected my key from reception again and went straight to bed. A boring night!

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