Flying from Sydney, Australia to Tokyo, Japan
Arriving at Narita Airport in Tokyo via JAL Airline

Travelogue, travel diary journal of my trip to Japan
Well, I've finally made it. After talking about it for 5 years and planning seriously for 2 I'm on my way to Tokyo. I've been given an interesting window seat, next to two girls who are also travelling by themselves. I hope to be able to talk with them later in the flight, depending on my Japanese. This time I didn't choose a wing seat but got one anyway.

First I got my backpack wrapped in tight plastic strips for $6, which only took about 5 minutes and should mean I don't have to worry about someone sneaking something into my bag. Next I lined up for about half an hour to get my boarding pass.

Once I got to the end of the queue it was only a couple of minutes to check in my backpack (about 15kg) and get my instructions. I headed for gate 59 and filled out my green card before spending only 5 minutes to go through security. 2 minutes to throw my stuff through the scanner then a minute to gate 59. Having got up at 5:15am to get a 9.30am flight I was surprised how fast and easy it was!

Even so, I believe there were delays as the flight was to leave at 9:35 but didn't start moving until 9:50. Most of the announcements were given in Japanese as I was taking JAL and so I was practicing my understanding before even leaving the airport.

On the plane the hostess passed out Japanese newspapers so I chose not to get one. I wish my Japanese was that good! They also handed out hot damp towels for us to wipe our hands in preparation for our meal. This was to become a common phenomenon as damp towels are given at every meal in every restaurant in Japan.

I was able to request sake and got a bottle of Hakutsuru made in Kobe. 15%-16% by volume. Very nice sake and not too strong. After that I got a bottle of Les Chapelles Bergerac Bordeaux red wine. As I drank I watched the sea go underneath the plane via a jetcam positioned below. There was also a jetcam on the nose but this wasn't always available.

Just saw Mission Impossible III. Totally disappointing as usual.

For lunch we got Japanese curry pork even though the menu said our choice would include chicken thigh in honey mustard sauce. By the time the hostess got to our row she had none left.

It got talking with Bora, the Korean girl next to me. We had a great conversation and she offered to meet up with me again if I get to Korea. Definitely!

After the flight we were sent along a long corridor to a mini subway. This took us to the customs section where we queued for about half an hour.

During the flight the heat was coming through the plane, so I knew it would be hot when I got there and I wasn't disappointed!

So, waiting in the heat to be processed was a bit tiring but nothing compared to what happened next.
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