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Roppongi Hills Indonesian Restaurant Tokyo, Japan
Packed my bag, did more hotel and club searching then went and had lunch in Asakusa. I went to a little place that served cold udon with complimentary water. There are a lot of these places around so I couldn't remember which one it was!

Then headed back and picked up my bag. It was a slow, hard slog to get to the check in at the National Olympic Memorial Center.

My backpack was now about 20kg and stations were not close.

I got there early and waited for the YHA to open. A cleaner kindly help me find my way to the office.

I discovered, after paying my money, much to my absolute horror, that I can only use the showers between 5pm and 11pm. This is disasterous! I prefer to have a shower in the morning. And as I had an appointment with Yoko at 7pm I couldn't have one now. So, no shower until 5pm tomorrow. Not happy.

The other thing I found was that no one could even be in the area between 9am and 5pm and that the entrance that has easy access is permanently closed. You have to go through the main entrance that's about 15 minutes away in the opposite direction. So many hassles.

I was glad to finally get to Roppongi Hills and meet Yoko. We went to an Indonesian cafe restaurant and had Arak cocktails and some nice food. But I also ordered fish soup, which was horrible. Who's heard of soup with hundreds of fish bones in it?

Afterwards we went for a walk around Roppongi, being accosted by Nigerians trying to chase Gaijin. Hundreds of Gaijin in this area looking for a good time. If you've travelled all the way to Japan to sample the culture, why go to Roppongi?

After walking about the streets we stumbled across an Irish pub! So we went in and had a glass of wine before taking taxis home.

Roppongi Hills is a new development in Roppongi and was built to offset the more seedy side of the area. Full of expensive department stores and high quality merchandise, it was only completed a few years ago and boasts an eclectic array of the finest shopping experiences in one place. Definitely worth a visit. Ginza still has more though.

The next morning I woke up at 8:20. Oh my God!...

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