Shimbashi bar Tokyo Japan


Bar in Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan
Then it was on to a big department complex with shops under a painted sky. We spent some time looking at a number of attractions, including a shop that sold 1960s Japanese confectionary, and another shop totally devoted to weird stuff, before heading to an izakaya.

There were a number of eateries around, even one with an entrance that looked like a mine. The izakaya we chose was in a modern building but decked out in traditional wood panelling.

If you wanted to you could get the Japanese style tables next to the windows if you booked in advance.

We got the western style table and had a few drinks, plus stuffed shiitake mushrooms, baby tomatoes wrapped in bacon, and chicken gizzards - all on skewers. Delicious! The view and company were great too!

After taking a walk around the food area we caught the automatic train back to Shimbashi and headed out to find a bar. 

There were a lot of places in Shimbashi but not that many that were bar style. Even so we found a quiet bar where were were the only customers and sat down for a drink and some nuts. 

Unfortunately we both realised that time was limited thanks to the train system so we didn't stay there long and headed back.

When I took a walk around Shimbashi I didn't find that many tourist places. In fact Shimbashi isn't a name that was familiar to me when thinking about Japan. And people I'd met never said anything about Shimbashi as a place to visit. So I think Shimbashi is really another one of those stopping off places to get to Odaiba.

I saw general stores and some interesting cafes but they were all catering for the train station crowd. Outside that area there really isn't much else, unless they were hiding!

I took the train back to Harajuku and the long walk home. I did walk about the Olympic park a bit but everything was closed so I put my stuff together then went to bed. Next morning I was leaving (fantastic!) and moving to Iidabashi to the Tokyo Youth Hostel. Apparently it has great views from the room. Pity about the curfew though.

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