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Singapore 24th - 25th November
24th November. 

Uneventful trip by plane to Singapore airport then our friend Wenni met us and took us to a taxi which took us to Lucky Plaza. We chose the room on Level 17, dumped our stuff then headed out to look at some shops on Orchard Street. 

We had dinner in a restaurant on Food Street which charged 20c extra for moist napkins (and no other napkins were available) but the food was okay.

25th November. Eng Bee Hainanese Chicken Rice in Cuppage Food Mall - Star Hub Centre $6.50. Cheap!

We saw a few of the things I wanted to see but I hadn't allowed for other people getting upset after walking for an hour! (I had a 12 hour city exploration all planned out. 8:00am-8:00pm)

So plans changed due to the people with us and the fact that it was so hot, the other members of the group wanted to spend most of the time in malls. (Which sex do you think they are!?!) This meant that I missed out on seeing a number of things I would have easily seen if everyone walked at my pace following my plan. Tip, if you have a lot of things you want to see, do it by yourself!

Interestingly, some of the souvenir shops we went into sold very similar items at markedly different prices in the Chinatown area.

After our breakfast at Cuppage Centre we took the MRT to the City Hall stop. We originally couldn't find it as workmen were repairing the walkway. A kind Singaporean gentleman offered to help and directed us to where we needed to go.

Using the transport system was interesting. We put $1.80 each into the machine and received a solid card with a plastic magnetic strip. We tried to put this card through the slot in the turnstyles (similar to Australia) but they didn't work. Then kind Singaporean woman advised us that we simply had to hold the card over the sensor and presto, the gate opened!

Heading downstairs we noticed that the train platform had a barrier of sliding doors for where the train stops. They opened when the train came in, the doors exactly at the same position as the train doors, much like lift doors. Pretty cool! Unlikely to get suicides delaying the train system at any rate.

We took the train to City Hall station. After that we went to see the Big Fountain at Suntec Plaza. The largest fountain in South East Asia. I was a little disappointed after such a build up. I thought it would be something like a 20 metre waterfall. Uh Uh. It's only a few stories high. 

It is only turned on between 12pm and 2pm, and 8pm and 9pm. 

The heat was getting to Christine and giving her a severe headache, even with the amount of water she was drinking. So we skipped more things on my itinerary and went straight for the Esplanade to get some shots of 'The Durians'. Afterwards we walked over the bridge to the Fullerton area and the Merlion - Symbol of Singapore.

After that we tried to find the lighthouse for a good view of the city. No go, so we walked through walkways to Chinatown.

Just when you start relying on the signs here, they stop being there and twice we were turned aruond and had to ask directions. I'm quite patient with trying to work out where I am, then finding my own way. I like being lost and exploring until I find my way back again. It's a fun challenge!

Other members of the group would see my moments of indecision as to which way we would go next and suspect I was thinking about exploring, resulting in a sudden rush to the nearest Singaporean for directions. Where's their sense of adventure?! Singpore is so small that it really isn't possible to get completely lost!

We took a bus to the World Trade Centre to view the cable cars close up. We were able to go up and see the skycars sliding out of the building, without a ticket. The lifts allowed us a view of the water and the boundary also allowed us a view of the skycars as they travelled to Sentosa Island and Mount Faber. 

Some delays while a toilet was located then it was on to Mount Faber. I was looking forward to climbing up the half hour of stairs to get to the top. Christine decided that her headache would not be able to handle it so I went alone.

I had hope to take her to the Mariner's Restaurant which is near the top as it had a great viewing deck, but that area was closed when I went passed it so it would have been pointless even if she had made it up.

The sunset, as it turned out, was obscured by clouds, but I got a lot of exercise and saw a lot of sights that made it worthwhile.

Walked back down the stairs then got the bus back with Christine to Somerset Road. A quick look at some more shops and supermarkets then back home to sleep.

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