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Spent most of the day walking around London. Street signs aren't very noticeable so I had to guess my way until I would find a secluded place to pull my London A-Z out. (Remember, always avoid labelling yourself as a tourist/potential victim)

Found Fitzroy Tavern (after visiting MOMI and an internet cafe) and had a pint of something similar to Guinness but not quite. It was a fairly dense and seatless pub so I had to wait until a seat was free. Not somewhere I'd make an effort to go to unless there was a good reason!

Waterloo Station was useless! I got there in time for the 8:42 train but couldn't find a sign or anything to tell me where it left from. By the time I did the next one was 9:42. Oh well. Museum tomorrow.

Banks don't open til 9:45am today, which kind of puts paid my trip to the bank. Went to the post office and got some Dalek Stamp Postcards. Wandered around Windsor a bit then headed into London. Noticed (while searching for Waterloo Bridge) that I can see Cleopatras Needle, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and a few other things. London IS small. Apparently everything notable is within a square mile.

Met Laura outside the British Museum (one of my epals) and found out that there were two entrances and I'd been waiting outside the wrong one! Oh well. My feet are absolutely killing me after all the walking I did yesterday, and so, walking with Laura through all the exhibits was positively deadly.
(Found a place in London where I could buy a Chelsea Bun and a bottle of water for 90p. Sausage rolls are around one pound fifty.)

After having cordial in the museum Cafe we headed towards 'The Monument' - a building 311 steps high, makring 202 feet from the outbreak of the great fire of 1666. Walked up the stairs and got a photo or three of the city as well as a certificate saying that I did it!

(Before this it took us over an hour just to find it. The tourist signs and street signs were no help! Also, stopped at Starbucks for a coffee, before heading up) Could see the Tower Bridge from the top and plenty more of London.

After that, headed towards London Tower. 10 pounds 50 to get in so just walked around it.

By now it was after 6:00pm. Laura showed me how to use the underground so I left her at Embankment Station and took the train to Waterloo.

(Toilets at Waterloo station costs 20p, showers 4 pounds)

Wrong time to travel - trains were cancelled! (Sounds like Sydney)

British Museum had piles of Sarcophagi and Egyptian things as well as other ancient relics but it wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be. I hope the Natural History Museum will be more interesting. (NB: I didn't get there)
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