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LA - Grand Canyon -Visions '93 - Chicago - Denver - Las Vegas - DisneyLand
Hi. Welcome to my travelogue. This is a no holds barred, (actually, with some minor edits), account of my train trip across the USA. (LA/Chicago round trip). 

This being the most enjoyable and memorable time of my life I bored quite a number of friends talking about it when I got back. Now, with this online travelogue, travel diary, travel journal, whatever you want to call it, I can bore potentially millions more!!! :)

These pages feature scans of photos as well as my diary entries plus links to related sites and other features. So I hope you enjoy it.

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Here are short cuts to the first page of each entry. 
LA - Grand Canyon - Visions convention - Chicago - Denver - Las Vegas - DisneyLand

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