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Los Angeles to Flagstaff for the Grand Canyon
We're crossing the majestic splendour/awesome beauty/natural wonder/incredible cliche of the 'desert'. Lots of bushes and some snow. Largish hills, misty in the distance, block the phoenix embers of a ripening sun. (Poetic descriptions have never been my forte) I awoke (again) at the point where the sky was a deep orange. Very beautiful.

The train is cold. I'd left my tracksuit jacket (or 'sweats') (Note: trackiedacks!) in my large bag... Forgetting! (I knew I would be cold) 

This grey blow up pillow was very handy. They do lend you a pillow and reduce the temp so that you'd want to buy an $8.00 souvenir Amtrak blanket. ('Note: I'm not cynical! Note to past self - don't step on the grey blow up pillow when it's inflated.) Maybe I'll buy one in Las Vegas.

Arrived at Flagstaff. Visitors info-comp shows main attractions but no maps. Located a tourist centre and picked up a free basic map. Holiday Inn is only 2 miles away. Decided to walk.

Snow everywhere. It's really quite exhiliarating. (Note: This was the first time I'd seen snow in my life at the age of 22) Walked slowly for an hour. Map was easy. Find Lucky Lane and am able to check in.

Sibby (Note: my ex-gf) had rung in LA so I returned her call. She just wanted to make sure I'd got there safely.

Snow wasn't actually 'everywhere'. It didn't cover footpaths or roads.

Me, eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep, stumbled blissfully into the shower to remove a day & a half of sweat.

TV guide says 5:00 Deep Space Nine 6:00 ST-TNG. Both on a channel that Holiday Inn doesn't receive. 

Met a guy in the lift on the way to room 423 (my room). Apparently I could've rung for a courtesy van. Later I discover I could've rung No 9 from Amtrak station! They could've picked me up instead of walking. Oh well! I needed the exercise.

Walked back into town and reserved a place on the bus tomorrow. Nava-Hopi Tours Inc to Grand Canyon. Picking me up at 8:00am. Up at six again!

After many problems with the telephone which wavered between 'please try the number again', 'this number is incomplete' & 'we're sorry you do not need to dial the long distance code for this' I managed to get hold of Windwalker Air. $133.00 got me a two hour Cessna view over the Grand Canyon!


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