Amtrak to Chicago (Visions convention) 24th November

Wendy Padbury, 
John Levene and
Elisabeth Sladen

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Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Chicago O'Hare Airport
Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago Illinois USA for a Doctor Who Convention!

Marlon and I played card games until about 2:30am. This included 'King's Corner' and 'I Declare War'. Signed off at 2:45am. Have to get up at 7:30am.

Jane is the name of the woman I sat next to. She's a trekker and familiar with Doctor Who so we talked for hours. She used to know this guy named Dale Kobgrass or something. He hated his last name so signed it Dale.K. Then a Who fan scribbled a little Dalek next to his name. Promised to write. ('99 note. We did!)

Got to Chicago okay. Had to find a way to get to the Hyatt Regency O'Hare without having to walk. So rang Hyatt. After being transferred a couple of times I found out I should get a Jackson St subway to O'Hare airport and catch a courtesy bus. Walked around a rainy Chicago searching for a subway. Asked a bus driver if there was a bus to O'Hare. No but I can get a train from Dearborn Street. I'm glad I had a map but it was easy to find. $1.50 and I was on the train to O'Hare.

Well, it's the day before thanksgiving so I assume that the Banker who helped me with how far I need to go and what to expect on the train (time, tunnel etc) did it out of the kindness of the season. Either that or he was a very unnusual Banker. So had a short chat. Lots of stations but it only took about half an hour. Wish I'd known this, I'll be taking the train a lot!

You don't get a ticket unless you get a pass. Because you can't get into the station without paying money.

Got to the Airport which had a moving walkway which helped with my heavy bag. Terminal 2 was the lower level, not the upper as I found out after walking around for awhile, and the van took only a couple of minutes.

Got one of those credit card type keys, so, after getting my bag and tipping the guy $2 I raced for the shower.

Dressed in black and headed for dinner, though bought quite a few postcards (11) at the Hyatt gift shop.

Tim and Amy Hill I met at dinner. Near me was (several tables away) Wendy Padbury. (For those of you who don't know Wendy played Zoe in Doctor Who in the late sixties)

Talked to Tim for a couple of hours. Met up with a couple of guys with the convention. We spent time boasting about our collections and I may be able to get some French episodes in exchange for my German ones. ('99 note. They didn't write)

Talked awhile about the series and found out that John Nathan-Turner had brought the 3D episodes. Went to bed around 2:30am


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