Chicago 30th November

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Travelling around Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Got up around 8:30. Ordered breakfast. A waffle with syrup, strawberries and coffee. (As I write this it is 12:13am Wednesday and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is on. Repeats though)

Checked out. Took the bus (Hyatt transport) to the trainstation. $1.50 to Washington station, change then to the Howard line North by one station and get out not far from Laselle & Ohio streets. It was very easy. Got where I needed to go, quickly.

Ohio Motel is Okay I suppose. Smells of cigarette smoke. Bought Managers choice Dunken Donuts (went to Post Office and got padded bags before that)

Then went up to Sears Tower. $6 and we get a short movie, a trip through a small architectural museum and then a very quick ride up to the observation deck. I wish I had my video camera with me. The view was great.

If I have time Thursday I'll go up again if the weather is good.

Got photos developed and bought a tape and two computer graphic videos. The Mind's Eye and Beyond the Mind's Eye.  I'm spending a lot!

Mind's Eye Videos
The Mind's Eye
Beyond the Mind's Eye
The Gate to the Mind's Eye
Odyssey into the Mind's Eye
Mind's Eye Experience
Luminous Visions
Ancient Alien
Computer Animation

Disappointed with the size of the photos for the cost. Total rip off. Still paying though.

Dropped off the rest of the film. Then went to 'Friday's for dinner. Delicious. Especially the cute blond who directed me to my table.

There's a framing place here that sells the holographic prints for $49.95, framed. Same cost as in Australia. Not worth it. (After conversion) Also bought a blank Maxell 90 tape for 99c! (Normally $2.99 in Australia)

Got back. Watched Roseanne. She's had a face lift. It's awful. And the new Becky looked interesting. But it wasn't really funny. ('99 note. Told you!) There are 63 channels! It's pay TV so I'll probably have to pay for what I watch. (No, I didn't!)

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