Denver 3rd December

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Exploring Denver, Colorado, USA
Adjusted watch back an hour now that it's mountain time. (Did that yesterday)

This cabin stinks of cigarettes. The smoking compartment is underneath. Problems with the electricity too. The lights kept on going on and off.

Finished reading Iceberg. An interesting development in Cyberman history but one in which the Doctor did next to nothing. The first few pages of Bloodheat were an entirely different matter. Very well written.

Breakfast - corn soup, coffee and a rasberry pastry thing.

A lot of people got drunk last night and it was like the Daleks had invaded in the early morning. Lots of prostrate bodies. Weird. I'm currently planning a Doctor Who/Amtrak murder mystery. ('99 note: Well, I dropped that idea! If you want to read something similar to what I planned, read Tempest by Christopher Bulis)

Snow on the coarse yellow grass glitters with the rising sun.

We'll be arriving in Denver soon so I better commandeer the bathroom!

Denver is such a nice city. It's the omnipresent calmness of the nearby mountains that cause Denver to be 'charming' for want of a better word. Walked up to 17th street until I got to 321. The initial appearance of the Brown Palace startled me. Awful! Until I went inside. Then the disillusionment of the grotty red exterior vanished.

It is stunning. Also as it is Christmas many places are decking themselves in fantastic lights and flickering designs.

The style of the hotel is definitely 18th century. Wooden banisters surround antique stairs. High stained glass ceiling overlooks an opening through seven floors, down to plush lounge chairs gathered around ornate furniture.

My room wasn't ready so I was given the King Size at no extra charge!!!

It wasn't much larger than a usual room. (Room 609) but the furniture was once again antique.  The chairs looked 18th or 19th century and the lamps and fittings seemed as though they were converted from gas originals.  They also supplied bath gowns which cuold be purchased if you liked them!

Showered and went to look down 16th street. The Mall street. Actually I headed for the bus station (which I thought might be the train station) Got info on where info is! Went there. Got info on excursions. Rang 3. None on when I could go. (The train arrived in too late for any day trips) Went to the Capitol building and went on the tour. Unfortunately my tape ran out so I couldn't record much of it but I remember the pinkish marble and almost gothic architecture.  A very beautiful building.  The guide pointed out a portrait of Henry(?) Brown who started the Brown Palace, having bought the land for $12.50!!! Denver was a gold rush town and the dome on the capitol is covered in gold leaf.  It's fourth coating since the early 30's due to recent hail. The gold was laid last year!

Went up the 93 steps to the top and took some nice photographs.

Hoped to go to the Museum but 3 miles away and no time so walked down the main mall instead. (After dropping off my camera) Bought copper postacard, postcards, pen, keyrings. A new Magic Hologram picture. (Those ones that only you and one or two friends can see by combining the pixels on the picture by focusing beyond it.) I also got two pages detailing names and mainly just looked around.

Before I did that though I had lunch at the food court on 16th. Baked chicken and chips.

Yeah, so I got to see all these shops. There was one with a huge life size model of the alien from Aliens and this shop was filled with all sorts of fantasy gadgets. My favourite was the wizard in the ball. You asked it a yes or no question, passed your hand twice over the top and, accompanied with wind, lightning? and flashing eyes & moaning the wizard would answer - 'not a chance' or 'it isn't in the stars' or 'yes, but proceed with caution'

There were other shops that sold up to the minute electronic gadgets too. Very interesting!

Had dinner at McDonalds. Bought biscuits from Woolworths and went back to the hotel with the intention of watching Knight Rider 2000. Found the TV guide I'd bought was for Chicago only! Useless!

Went for another walk around the streets. This time to check out anything but came across the theatre and noted the large crowd of varied demographic gathering around.

On the way back I noted that children had begun to line the streets. Realised that there must be a parade so grabbed my camera and stopped at a corner.  After awhile the parade began.  Lots of bands, schools and large floats.  Got most of it then the tape ran out and I rushed back up to catch the final supergiant clown floating around the corner from my room window.

Interestingly my room is set out almost identically to the photograph in the blurb. Out of the faucets is pure artesian water from the hotels own wells.

Went to bed by 12:00am as had to get up at almost 6:00am. Heading for Las Vegas.


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