Las Vegas 5th December

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Las Vegas, USA. Walking for hours!
Arrived at Las Vegas. The moment you step into, or rather through, the Amtrak waiting room you see hundreds of pinball machines. 

I eased myself around these, now carrying the heavy main bag on my back and the smaller one on my front, and headed outside. 

East Fremont or rather Fremont street was immediately in front. My mission - find the Showboat Hotel.

Headed off down it. Passed a dark skinned girl whose gaze I met so she thought she had to say something.
"You know, people usually carry their baby on the front like that. You don't have a baby in their do you?" Lightly caressing the bag as I walked passed. "No, I don't - hahaha" I think I passed by her twice more that day and realized she might be offering services. Wasn't in my budget!

Fremont Street is endless. Having been on the train for 24 hours I really needed a shower. After walking for 45 minutes I finally made it to the Showboat Hotel at about 9:00am. Mountain views stretched in the distance and the area looked less inhabited than most.

THEY WOULDN'T LET ME IN!!! The guy said I could leave my bag there but they can't let anyone have a room until 2pm but I could try at 12pm, in case there was a room available. Aaargh. I was fairly angry but didn't let it show. Put my bag in with the bellman and found out info on the bus routes. Apparently directly across was a bus stop that took me to the strip.

Took a copy of the timetable. The only strip buses I could find were 301 & 302 and none of them mentioned Fremont. The one I was to get I'd just missed and to my horror found out that the next one wasn't due for an hour.

Feeling angrier I headed in the general direction of the strip by cutting diagonally through the streets.

About two hours later I encountered Las Vegas Boulevard.  I'd made it! I was greeted by the sight of these huge hotels and their gimmicks. Giant Pirate Ships in water surrounded by Pirate Huts and huge rocks (Treasure Island). Ceasers Palace - Marbled steps up a long path overseen by rows of trumpet holding stone angels. The one I really wanted to see was the pyramid and the Sphinx. Kept walking.

After many more displays I came across a Lion with a stepped shell on his back, half finished, and I thought, nah, that's not it.
I then encountered a large castle and just behind it saw the top of the pyramid. After three hours of walking I'd found it!

Lots of Egyptian writing on a large pole marked LuXor, next to a Giant Sphinx.

I went up a long ramp to the entrance, wondering if I'm able to go in even though I didn't have a reservation.

It was packed with sightseers! A guy dressed in full Egyptian (ancient) regalia was assisting people with cabs. The walks were covered in hieroglyphics and I entered through double doors in to a huge ampitheatre. Can't quite find the words for it. In front was a floor packed with gambling machines. To my right an escalator leading to the amusement store and to my left, two anamatronic talking camels next to a mini river Nile that surrounded the area. You could cruise on it if you could handle the queue!

I proceeded up the escalator and was greeted with a huge stone Inca-like temple. In this was episode 1 of  'Search for the Obelisk'.


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