Los Angeles, Mann's Chinese Restaurant and Disneyland 7th December

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Downtown LA, Griffith Park Observatory and other places in the tour
Awoke at 9ish. Showered, headed out to Burger King (as I had done at dinner time the night before) at about 11:00ish after walking around the hotel trying to find a laundry.

Had a BK Big Fish and a coffee. Am writing this in the laundry room and my clothes are almost dry (in the dryer). $1.00 for the washing machine and 50c for the dryer. Very reasonable. 50c for soap bleach and softners.

After this I'll ring home then ring to confirm my flight and take a trip downtown.

My sore throat has lessened but I'm still a mass of aches. That's lessening too but my jaw hasn't changed much. Why fluff balls cover the ceiling of this tiny laundry I don't really know. Weird. Maybe the static electricity in the air.

Went into Downtown L.A. Walked to Westin Bonaventure. Took a few photos. Shows such as Buck Rogers had been screened here. Interesting but not as exciting as I thought it would be. Next mission, buy a barito at Taco Bell. No idea where one was so went looking. Spied on the ground a Taco Bell sauce satchel. I was getting close! It was still wet. Due to it's weight and position I deduced it couldn't be much further than a street away. Walked to the corner, looked down the street and there it was. Watson, that's incredible!

Got a barito.

Now I know what a 7 layer tastes like. Sort of ok. Got back to Broadway (after walking past it) and got the number 42 bus back to LAX terminal.

Rushed in and booked the city tour. Rushed up to the room, changed a few things, got my video camera setup. Rushed down. Got into a really small van and instantly worried that the van would be the tour. I later found out after the guy took me through downtown, that we were to meet the others at the Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown, and change buses.

I hated that van though. The first time we hit a bump I smashed my head into the hard ceiling, so I had to crouch down for most of the trip. (I am 6 foot tall!) The evening was quite cold so my sore throat came back with a vengeance.

Anyway, the guy took me (I was the only one) through downtown. He pointed out the office block where Terminator II was shot and a tunnel where there was a truck crash in Terminator. Pointed out the building where the Academy awards are held and also slowed down so that I could get a good view of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel (Again!) He also pointed out the area where there was a black supreme section - ie an antiwhite, dangerous area. Not being the racist type I had no idea that such things existed.

Got to the Chinese Restaurant - was pointed out a $5000 fish. Bought some food thinking they'd be (the rest of the group) a bit longer - the rolls took longer than they did. Got a free fortune cookie "There is a Big Adventure in your future" - hmm. I think that's a bit late.

Went to Griffith Park Observatory. Took vid shots of LA at night. Ed the tour guide got me on video. I didn't ask but I guessed he was Spanish, as were most of the non tourists that we met. Lots of Spanish speaking people everywhere. I also took some shots inside the museum having entered through the wheel chair entrance at the back. Fairly interesting.

Then we headed to Hollywood and Hollywood Boulevard. The tour paused at Mann's Chinese Theatre and I videoed the signatures of the Star Trek Cement block.

Then we looked at X-mas decorations and homes in Beverley Hills. This was at night, remember!

Got conversing with a Scottish lady after the other two tourists left. They'd already seen this part of the tour. We talked so much (being the only other two on the tour not counting the driver) that we missed the end of the tour! As in, when the driver stopped speaking. He told us when we paused our chat but, whether we missed something important he didn't say.

When he showed us all the buildings in different areas, most of them had something to do with the making of Pretty Woman. He pointed out the cafe and the place where the main character was going to jump. Not having seen the movie I couldn't relate to it.

Anyway, got back at about 10:00ish, booked my ticket to Disneyland and caught an old episode of Cheers.

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