Visions '93 30th Anniversary Dr Who Convention
Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago 24-30 Nov 1993
Blogged by Neil over 10 years ago!
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Carol-Ann Ford and
Sophie Aldred
  Hi. Welcome to the introductory page for my Visions '93 blog. The writings are part of my main USA travelogue which you can read by starting here.

Visions '93 was a fantastic Doctor Who convention held in Chicago O'Hare Hyatt Regency during November '93. It was going to be the best convention ever as they had invited Jon, Peter, Colin and Sylvester and a myriad of assistants. Also guests from Red Dwarf and Blake's 7. I had flown there with the hope of meeting at least two of the Doctors. Unfortunately Jon and Sylvester had to pull out due to work commitments (so I didn't get to meet Jon before he died) but I did get to meet Peter and Colin which was amongst many of the highlights of the convention. I got to meet Anthony Ainley too which was a terrific experience as he proved to be humorous and down-to-earth. (I was glad to have met him before he died)

But there were so many guests, so many attendees and so many events over the long weekend that it wasn't possible to see them all. If you can get hold of one of the tapes of the sessions I thoroughly recommend it.

I hugely congratulate the organisers of this convention and hope that, when the new Doctor Who series finally screens in the US, they'll be able to organise another one as big as this. I'd certainly be tempted to attend.

To go straight to the Visions '93 info, links and images, start here.

Hope you enjoy the site. :)

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Incidentally, A Happy Christmas to all of you at home

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